Engage - Introductory Course (for sports coaches)

A course for coaches to help support and build positive relationships with their athletes' parents

Created by Gordon MacLelland Last updated Thu, 14-Oct-2021 English
What will I learn?
  • How to engage, support and build positive relationships with your athletes' parents
  • Understanding ‘Parental Engagement’
  • Understanding today's sporting parent
  • Understanding your role in engaging and building positive relationships with your athletes parents
  • How to set the tone with our approach and behaviours
  • How to set up an effective communication strategy
  • How to run effective and engaging parents meetings
  • How to get your parents more practically involved

Curriculum for this course
24 Lessons 01:05:35 Hours
3 Lessons 00:02:50 Hours
  • Introduction 00:02:50
  • About 'Working with Parents in Sport'
  • Are parents part of your team or do you leave them on the bench?
  • Course Aims and Overview 00:02:52
  • What is Parental Engagement? 00:04:05
  • Assignment 1 - What are your positives and challenges of working with sporting parents?
  • What are the positives and challenges of working with sporting parents? 00:04:16
  • Understanding today's sporting parent 00:10:42
  • Assignment 2 - Reflective Task - Changing our environment to be more friendly
  • Following Organisational Culture 00:02:44
  • Organisational Alignment
  • Keeping parents happy and what you should expect in return 00:08:45
  • Assignment 3 - Reflective Task - Keeping parents happy and what you should expect in return
  • Setting the tone and exuding confidence 00:11:17
  • Setting the tone
  • Assignment 4 - Are you able to articulate your philosophy?
  • Building an effective communication strategy 00:10:53
  • Podcast - Creating a strategy for effective communication with your parents
  • Assignment 5 - Write a communication strategy including how you will deal with a disagreement
  • Running impactful parents' meetings 00:03:42
  • Podcast - Running effective parents meetings
  • Assignment 6 -Write a template and detail how you will run your parents meeting
  • Trusting the environment you create 00:01:30
  • Further Resources 00:01:59
  • Basic IT skills, pen and paper
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When it comes to sport parents can either be your biggest ally or greatest obstacle, often with no middle ground. They can either spark or spoil the development process, depending on how we as coaches educate them, engage them and collaborate with them.

Parents have the ultimate influence over their children and it is up to us to find ways as coaches to channel this in the most positive way for the child playing sport.

In creating this course, CEO of WWPIS Gordon MacLelland discusses the challenges, and gives you some helpful tips and strategies that you can use on a regular basis to ensure your relationship with parents is a winning one.

In 'Engage' we look at defining 'Parental Engagement' and what that means for us, we discuss the positives and challenges of sporting parents and how our own beliefs and attitudes can influence our behaviours.  Setting the tone as a coach is vital and we provide some easy wins in building those positive relationships, investigate the importance of quality communication and how the setting of the environment around our athletes can have such a positive impact on all parties.

In this course there is a variety of media and we hope that it provides a range of tasks and strategies that allow all who complete the course to have practical things that they can use immediately in their role as a coach.

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